Saturday, February 13, 2016

I love a good reason to celebrate! -A sweet, watercolored baby shower

 I have always enjoyed planning the perfectly suited party to celebrate loved ones. I love choosing a theme and planning out all the little details to make it special: designing a fun invitation, "researching" pinterest for décor ideas and planning the menu. My best friend and I used to put on gourmet dinner parties, just for the fun of it (and because we wanted an excuse to make fancy food!). My biggest event planning venture was my wedding, over 6 years ago now. We had 3 months and a limited budget to work with, but our wedding was the perfect embodiment of our love story. Since then, there have been many baby showers, birthdays and other reasons to celebrate on our circle of family and friends!
Our most recent cause for celebration has been the very soon-to-be arrival of my Best Friend's third little one- Little Elsie Jane. With her due date in early March, a bright, water colored soiree seemed perfect for little Elsie and her artistic Mama. With some help from some good friends, we set the stage for a festive evening!
Here's a few snapshots of the colorful décor-


Now comes the fun part, our "water colored" cookie project! my cohost was brave and took on the experiment of putting together our party activity of painting cookies. She found a great sugar cookie recipe with a glaze and then figured out how to go about making our edible paints. We had several color options and I was really impressed with how well they turned out! we let the guests decorate their cookies while our Mama of Honor opened gifts. Everyone really enjoyed getting to be artists for awhile and the finished projects were delicious!

Here are some of the masterpieces! When everyone was done painting, we gathered all the cookies on a table and let our Mama of Honor choose her top 3 favorites and had prizes for the winning artists.


This turned out to be such a fun celebration in anticipation of one sweet, little girl! I love the beautiful and generous offerings from talented women available on the internet for party planners such as myself! I have a great appreciation for pretty elements and details but I do not have the creative skills to make those things myself. I love being able to browse online and find the perfect ideas and resources to make a party really come together! I will share all of my inspiration and links on my pinterest account.

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