Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cleaning just got a whole lot prettier thanks to Full Circle Home!

The Job title of Mother means many, many things-but one of the most prevalent parts of my job description is house keeper/cleaner. I spend the majority of my time each day cleaning up messes, and usually they are variations of the same messes, over and over again. Honestly, it is a bit of a monotonous job and if I wasn't a bit of a clean freak, it wouldn't offer much in the way of being gratifying. SO, I have come to find ways to make the job a little more fun and therapeutic even. Enter- high quality, naturally derived cleaning products. Over the past 5 years or so, I have fallen in love with "high end" (aka chemically laden sprays from the dollar store) cleaning brands-Mrs. Meyers, Method, Seventh Generation, etc. There are some great brands who not only make some safe for the family, fun to use sprays and cleaners, but are doing some awesome things in reaching out and educating their customers on the benefits and need for natural cleaning products, as well. As many great natural cleaning sprays and solutions as I know of, I haven't found many cleaning tools that I actually love and don't just tolerate. Until, I was introduced to Full Circle Home.

The amazing folks at Tryazon were generous enough to give me the opportunity to try out an overflowing box of goodies from Full Circle- to get to know the products and share my opinion (and a few of the goods) with friends! I have a great group of Mama friends who I am lucky enough to "do life" with and we love any excuse to get together! We had a belated Mother's Day Brunch at my house a couple weeks ago- it was a time of good food, a great play date for the kids and a fun time visiting for the moms. I put together a Mother's Day gift bag for each of my friends consisting of a few of my favorite things- a beautiful art print from Gracelaced, The Mother Letters (which I reviewed here on the blog not long ago!), mt favorite lip balm from the Grove Collaborative, and last but not least- a cheery Full Circle Home kitchen towel! 

They loved all the goodies and were excited to see and hear more about the other products in the full circle line. It was really nice for us to be able to check out the products in person and the sample party was a great way to do that since none of the stores in this area carry the Full Circle products and we have to order online! We all agreed that we would love to start replacing our shabby, plastic cleaning tools with the aesthetically pleasing, high quality coordinating Full Circle ones. we flipped thru the Come Clean kit's booklet of natural cleaner recipes and tips and discussed which we had tried in the past or would like to try in the future. Many of the Mamas in my group have started monthly subscriptions to Grove Collaborative  to keep our cleaning pantries in stock and were excited to find that they offer a selection of Full Circle Home products!

We now own three of the Full Circle Home brooms at our house- the clean sweep, the mighty team and the tiny team! There is a broom for each of my boys and (sometimes) they are Mama's helpers with sweeping up the house. :) I have a whole slew of Full Circle products lined up by my sink to help with dish washing tasks- one of my least favorite tasks made better with the help of some pretty, efficient tools!

I have been very impressed with the Full Circle Home Products I've been able to implement in my home so far and am excited to add more to collection as time goes by!

Thanks to Tryazon and Full Circle Home for sending me these products in exchange for an honest review. 

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