Saturday, November 12, 2016

Another New Christmas Title to add to the Holiday Book Basket!

I've been picking up a children's Christmas book here and there this month to add to my newly adopted Advent Season tradition- a month of daily "gifts" of Christmas books to savor with my little boys. My newest find I think will be a real treat for my Littlest. One Small Donkey: A Christmas Story for Little Ones by Dandy Daley Mackall is an endearing and adorable book for the smallest Christmas Celebrators. 

I appreciate that this board book is a larger format than most others. It is a good size for group readings on the couch with little boys clamoring around to see the pictures. And the pictures are a delight to take in! The colors are perfectly suited to Christmas with merry, metallic detailing. 

This story follows the journey of one small, humble donkey and how he finds out that the little guy can do the most important tasks. Donkey has always looked up to the mighty horses around him and wished to be more useful like them. One day his Master calls him to a special job- carrying a very pregnant Mary on the long and arduous trip to Bethlehem. Donkey is steady and faithful to his task and finally gets to rest in a stable- beside the brand new baby Jesus! In the end, Donkey realizes he may be small, but he truly received the greatest gift of all- helping to welcome the King to earth.

With engaging illustrations and fun rhyming text- One Small Donkey will be a family favorite this holiday season.

I received this book from Book Look Bloggers.

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