Friday, December 9, 2016

A bit of Fiction for the Rainy Season

The rainy days just keep rolling along, as does the holiday season. We've been enjoying  cozy, fun days at home with lots of Christmas books, projects and little boy enthusiasm. Mama still gets a couple, precious hours of quiet during nap time and once in awhile, I'm smart and indulge in some reading!

My current fiction read I knew I couldn't go wrong with because it is by one of my all time favorite authors, Jane Kirkpatrick. This Road We Traveled is set in the 1850s and follows 3 generations of women in the Brown family as they face the greatest challenge of their lives- the Oregon Trail. Tabitha Brown has lived a full and varied life in Missouri- raising her children and working alongside her husband in the many ventures he undertook- but know she is a widow, who is feeling a little restless in her older years. Excitement comes when it's suddenly decided that all of her neighboring children and their families are headed West, though it's quickly deciphered that she is deemed unfit for the trip. But with her persuasive skills and the "assistance" of her aging, though plucky brother-in-law, John, Tabby convinces her family to let her tag along on the adventure. 

Her daughter, Pherne is is very content to stay in Missouri with her comfortable life and the memories of sweet baby boy now gone to Heaven. Soon her older brother, who has already made a trip there and back again, has caught Pherne's Husband up in the grand opportunities of the West and she finds herself headed down the Oregon Trail-whether she wants to or not.

Virgilia takes after her grandmother more than her mother, choosing to find the hope in a new venture rather than the worries. She is surrounded by family but is the only girl her age and is lonely for some kindred souls. An adventure, and her beloved Gramo joining them,it seems is just what her life needs. 

Their journey is much more trying than any of them could have ever guessed. Demanding they sacrifice comfort, almost all their earthly belongings and nearly their lives. God is faithful and can help us rally through any difficulty- this book will remind you of both these truths.

Thanks to Revell Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book. 

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