Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Documenting the world behind my eyes

I have a deep desire, a desperate hunger to capture the mundane glories that are found in the every day moments of my life.
The occupation of a stay at home mama is a hidden one. You live and work,day in and day out, in your own little corner of the world. Your accomplishments and struggles, the outside world is almost completely oblivious to.
No one sees the striving and tenacity it takes to keep a home running in good order. The required diligence needed to keep on with the unrelenting tasks of the everyday.
No one really sees the tears and sorely tested patience of shaping little souls and all that entails.
But there is also no one really there to bear witness to the myriads of blessings that come with the hidden life of Motherhood either.
The friendships being forged between a Mama and the little people that share her home, her space and pretty much her every waking moment.
The memories made during the every day chores and meals, but also the intentional projects and crafts.
To see the spark ignite in young eyes as they encounter a new idea or acquire a new skill.
The joy of watching a baby change and grow every single day. The chance to soak in all the baby smiles and tickle baby fat rolls.
If this is all I get, this more than enough.
 I want to take it all in and siphon out the beautiful parts- the parts that made me feel alive and fed my soul. I want to cling to these fleeting days and remember what it felt like to be right here, right in this moment.
So I will document,for my own sake, this life I get to live; with all its rough edges and shining moments. I will record the days,not thru rose colored lenses,but just how they look behind these eyes.

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