Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Living: Those were the days, And so are these.

Something about summer makes my soul come alive.
 I love summer, I always have. I appreciate the coziness and holidays of fall and winter, the freshness of spring. But the world just feels different in summer, more vibrant and engaging. As a kid, summer was like a little taste of heaven, I think. Most all of my favorite childhood memories are set in summer time sunshine. I loved super long days and eventful nights. All the camp fires and afternoons spent swimming at the river. The quintessential farm kid summer activities- driving tractor and participating in the county fair. I lived for fair each year. Those were the days.
 But so are these! I am so crazy blessed to be able to raise my little men up on the farm I called home as a child. They get to adventure on and explore the same hay fields I did. They get the joy of seeing seedlings sprout up out of the same tilled up soil I planted in.
 They get to learn to swim in the same river I loved. Their childhood memories are being shaped against the exact same background as mine and I think that is an amazing bond to have. In so many ways, farm living shaped who I am and it's a gift I am beyond glad to give to my boys.
  Growing up on a farm, I've always had to laugh to myself a little bit when people talk about their "lazy summer" plans. Summer on the farm means the pace of life goes into overdrive rather than slowing down.
 It means long, hot days of hard work- in the hay field and in the garden.
 It means cranky kids from late or some days all out missed naps and "summer hours" late bed times, aka too much fun.
It means not getting to see too much of my husband as he works his "second job" of foreman of the hay crew. The workload doubles but so does the fun.
  The benefits of summer, much outweigh the downsides. Sunshine that doesn't end until well after 9 pm.
 Many a dinner eat down on the gravel bar by the river. The smell of fresh cut, sun cured hay. The satisfaction of dishes made from produce harvested from your own garden.
 Messy snacks times made up of watermelon on the front porch. A fresh, summer breeze blowing thru wide open windows during a quiet, napping house.
 So many play dates spent splashing in the warm river waters and wiggling toes in the sand. All the delicious berries you can eat.
 Savoring a late afternoon nap, every once in awhile, knowing you still have plenty of evening ahead of you.
Summer time seems to somehow be a part of me- a version of myself that I like best.
Content in my own skin and having a little more clarity of focus, in purpose and projects.
 It's a season with so much to keep my hands and mind occupied within my own little world, I seem to know a confidence in who I am a little better than the rest of the year.
 So, here's to welcoming another summer of finding myself, yet again. Another summer of days full of hard work and satisfaction. Another summer of the memories I live to make. 

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