Thursday, September 17, 2015

The perfect bedtime book- God Gave Us Sleep

I'm so excited to add another title from the favorite kid's book series, God Gave Us by Lisa Tawn Bergen!  The newest book in the series is God Gave Us Sleep is just about the most perfect bedtime story you could ask for. We get to follow the classic bedtime predicament of every family- it's bedtime and Little Cub doesn't think it should be so! She is having just too much fun and, after all, she's a big kid and doesn't need that much sleep. As a mother, I love the patient and gracious way Mama Bear addresses Little Cub's many bedtime "Why's?".  From "why do I need sleep?" to "What if I have bad dreams?", Mama Bear gives answers every kid needs to hear. She explains how God designed the rhythms of the day-work, play and rest-and how sleep is a gift.(Don't us Mama's know that's a truth!)

 I also loved how the book played out how a Little Cub who doesn't get enough sleep makes for a grumpy, frustrated Cub, indeed. My oldest son gets so very emotional and irritable if he doesn't get the sleep he needs and I think this part of the book will be a great way to illustrate to him that every little one needs sleep, for his sake and everyone else's as well!

 I have been buying the God Gave Us books since before my oldest was born and just adore them. I read God Gave Us You to my oldest as a baby and broke the news to him of a younger sibling on the way by giving him, God Gave US Two. I love the whimsical way that these books weave biblically based facts with adorable stories that are appreciated by every age!
I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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