Saturday, September 26, 2015

The perfect book for changing seasons- of the year or of life!

I have found myself having a somewhat difficult time making the transition from summertime freedom to the regular routines of fall. Not only have I had to switch gears from flexible days of fun to structured days of commitments, Our family had also been preparing ourselves for the a job and lifestyle change that fell through. We had waded thru a long waiting period of planning and anticipation, expecting life to change pretty drastically come the fall. When that new chapter didn't come thru, I had to quickly restructure my plans to go on with the "same old, same old." In a strange way, a new book on change has helped me to transition to the fact that my life isn't really going to change after all!
Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong shares truths to carry you thru life's transitions. The book is broken up into three parts: Acknowledge, Accept, Adapt. First, Kirsten helps us understand the many faces change can take on and that they can be sudden or gradual. I appreciated the chapter Kirsten wrote on giving ourselves permission to be affected by change and that God wants us to honestly bring our feelings to Him.
Next, it's time to Accept the change-to realize God loves us and works everything out for our good and to just keep taking small steps forward in faith. Kirsten uses biblical examples of Abraham and Joseph to show God's faithfulness thru big change. We learn to find peace in waiting, security in our limitations and to hand our worries over to Jesus.

  And lastly, Kirsten helps us learn to thrive in our changes by Adapting. We are reminded of what a help and blessing good friendships are to us, especially in our time of need and weakness. It is a balm to our souls to hear someone say, "I've been where you are and I made it thru. You will too." . And then we learn from Esther how we need to ask "How will God use me in this?", instead of "Why did God allow this to happen to me?" Kirsten wraps up her inspiring book with the reminder that no matter what changes around us, Christ will always be our solid ground.
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

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