Saturday, November 14, 2015

Want satisfying meals that also trim your waistline? This is the cookbook for You!

Awhile back, I told you about a diet change I made for my family and I that has been only for the better of all of us. The Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle  has given me a great grasp on nutrition and how to prepare healthy, delicious meals that can also be slimming for Mama! In my previous post, I shared about the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book. Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison-the sisters behind the THM revolution-wrote this great resource, chock full of all the research they spent years compiling to build their "diet plan". It is a lengthy read but I highly recommend taking the time to truly understand the foundations of this lifestyle change. Once you have a good grasp on S, E and FP meals and some of the other THM jargon, You have to get your hands on the beautiful Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook!

  The recipes in this book are really where the rubber meets the road with this diet plan and the THM Sisters have done an amazing job making that a delicious and fun adventure! At just over $15 and giving you more than 350 recipes, I feel like this book is a real treasure for a steal of a price! The original THM book was an amazing resource but very hard to navigate; it contained many wonderful recipes but the preparation directions were lacking and there were no pictures for inspiration. This new cookbook is the answer to all of those issues! This is a very well made book full of beautiful photos that make you want to get in the kitchen. I love having this cookbook on my kitchen shelves at the ready to provide me with delicious and healthful meals. Some of my favorite recipes include the egg roll in a bowl and chicken jalapeno popper soup. My husband just loves this "diet"- he gets to eat hearty food and lose weight while doing it! There's also some unique, fun treats like the lemon pucker gummies and the singing canary drink.
The Trim Healthy Mama plan has been a blessing to me and my family and I know will continue to benefit us through many changing life seasons. I was intentionally vigilant about following this way of eating during my last two pregnancies and saw a marked difference in my weight gain and well being in general. There is a noticeable learning curve and some "special ingredients" required that may make this diet seem a bit daunting, but I highly recommend making the investment in your health!

These drink recipes will be a regular in house during the holiday season!

If you want to get a feel for what THM is about before making a "commitment", I would encourage you to check out the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page! The THM Sisters are very generous with sharing recipes and tips there!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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