Monday, December 7, 2015

You can never have too much Good News!

I have become a minimalist in so many areas of my life, particularly when it comes to material belongings. I have culled thru my closet, my kitchen, even my favored home d├ęcor items. Less is (usually) more. But what category I can't seem to cut down on is books, specifically children's books. I just LOVE books; a quality book feels like a treasure in my hands. And the book I know to be a very literal treasure is the Bible. I view the Bible as a the most life giving source of words ever written and try very hard to pass this reverence and love for the "Good Book" to my boys. So out of all books, I feel you can never have enough copies of the Bible around. We have several different versions of children's Bibles on our shelves and I have no intentions of stopping adding to that collection! I try to buy each of the boys a new Bible book of some kind for Christmas. This year my middle boy is getting the God's Good News Bible Storybook!

I love the large format and great quality of this Bible storybook, making it very accessible to little hands. I also appreciate that it's pretty straightforward: There is a selected text straight out of the bible, an engaging illustration of said story and a short devotional message from Billy Graham. I have always loved Billy Graham's heart for the gospel and making it simple and clear for All. I can trust that a Bible book from Billy Graham won't be watered down and will give my kids the true gospel message. I don't know of many other kids books from Billy Graham so I am excited to have this one on our shelves. I love knowing there is some Good News wrapped up in a pretty package under the tree for my little boy this Christmas!
 I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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