Friday, September 9, 2016

An adorable pair of children's books to celebrate both day and night!

As my big boys get older, I find myself buying more picture and chapter books and less board books which is kind of sad. There really are some adorable and well written "baby's first books" out there!  Plus, it is so nice to have a big stack of books that I can let my littlest boy enjoy (on his own terms) and know they'll hold up to all the "love". :) We added two new titles to our board book basket that have become instant hits with my boys. God made the Sun and God made the Moon by Mary Manz Simon and illustrated by Lizzie Walkley. 

  God made the Sun is a bright and sweetly illustrated book with a fun and upbeat rhyming text that celebrates the Sun and the joys it brings from rise to set! 

God made the Moon is the companion book that whimsically shares with children some of the gifts that come at what can easily be a scary time for kids- nighttime! My middle son has a special affection for the moon and instantly claimed this as his special "moonie" book. :) 

I love that these adorable books coordinate in giving glory to God for providing us with a great to smile on the Eath- both day and night. These precious board books will get a lot of readings in our house and would be great titles to gift to the favorite little people in your life as well! 

I recieved these books from Worthy Kids Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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