Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Two beautiful books to consider gifting this Holiday Season!

I wanted to share a quick post with you today to let you know about (and look inside!) two gorgeous books for gifting that Tyndale is releasing this fall. I truly think you are going to want to consider adding these titles to your holiday shopping list for the special women in your life!

The first treasure is Gratitude: A prayer and praise coloring journal- a richly designed and beautifully detailed interactive journal that I'm pretty sure would make an lady happy to see on her coffee table. :) This book is made uniquely sturdy with a cardboard cover and heavy weight pages that are perfectly suited for coloring and writing on. 

Each page spread offers one page of a themed prayer and another page with a prompting and space for you to pour out your own written version. There is even certain days that ask those creative people to illustrate their feelings or prayer! 

The page layouts and artwork are varied and so fun- this book is a visual feast and in turn, I believe will really inspire women to engage in collecting their thoughts and prayers in it. I am really excited to see that Tyndale is putting out many equally gorgeous and interactive titles in their Living Expressions Collection!

The other sweet, little volume I wanted to share was Has anyone ever seen God? 101 questions and answers about God, the world and the bible. This is a petite yet, jam packed book that I think would be such a perfect gift for a friend or acquaintance who was really searching and had lots of questions about God. 

In this title, there are 101 plainly spelled out questions and then brief, yet pretty through answers
There is a page per question and answer pair accompanied by some adorable illustrations and a coordinating verse. The format of the book almost reminds me of some the catechism or basics of the faith books I've been working thru with my boys, only in a prettier and more grown up edition. 

Again, I really feel this is a great little book to give a woman who doesn't have much knowledge about Christianity but wants to learn more. There's also two more titles to accompany this one- What does God really promise? and Can I really know Jesus?

I received these books in exchange for my honest review from Tyndale Publishers. 

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