Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Created for More: A devotional for the creative types

Since I was in elementary school, I have always gotten a little bit giddy over a new themed, devotional book to work thru. There was the Christian Kids gardening guide and devo book, a horse lovers volume and of course plenty of 90's teen girls devotionals covered in psychedelic flowers. A supplemental devotional guide has been a part of my quiet time pretty much as long as I have had quiet times. It's fun to remember the different ones I've read thru during different stages of life. Of course, the bible is my main focus text and focus for Christian growth but a themed study to take you thru different scriptures can be a refreshing add on sometimes. 

  Created for More:30 Days to see Your World in a New Way by Johnathan Malm is a unique and interactive devotional that will make for a fun month of quiet times! With a specific encouragement to Be certain character trait or virtue each day, the premises is straightforward but then things get creative. You are given a Be of the day and a corresponding bible story to learn from and then a prayer starter asking God to help you Be. From there, there is a Change the way you think paragraph that addresses how this trait you're focusing on might effect your creative work and then comes the biggest challenge-each day you are given a prompt to work on a certain creative project or think through a  concept.

 This is a neat, little book for people who think outside of the box and process things thru projects. It's mainly targeted to people who work in the some form of expressive job field but could be applied by anyone. I can think of a few impressively creative friends this might make a great gift for. ;)

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from Moody Publishers.

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