Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hope-something we all need desperately to prevail in our lives

There has been a common thread that has ran thru many of my posts and book review picks over the last few months- and that is life has been hard and even depressing at times lately. I've watched my always positive,rock of a husband struggle to find motivation and joy in every day life- it's been difficult for me to be much of an encouragement as I've battled with feeling the same. After losing my Father-in-law there is a large family of deeply hurting people around us and several other loved ones going thru disheartening trials of their own. I would like to think that somewhat going thru the valley myself would give me enough empathy and some insight to share with others, but unfortunately, I feel most times lately too overwhelmed and that it's all too fresh. I'm just not far enough out of the valley to be of too much help on my own. That's when I turn to books- sometime's a soundly written topical book is a sort of saving grace. A book that has proven to be helpful to me in this season is Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor's personal journey through depression

I really appreciate that this book is written by a true expert- a neuropsychologist who has walked the road of deep depression. Dr. Michelle Bengtson believed she was doing all she could for her patients with her medical treatments. Then she fell into debilitating depression herself and had to truly see the struggle that sufferers are up against. In her book, she vulnerably shares her grappling and overcoming of the darkness that is depression. 

I think that this is a great book for those who love and live with someone who battles depression. Bengtson does a great job of painting a true to life picture of what life looks like thru the eyes of those weighted down with this burden and a doctor's diagnosis of the legitimacy of this issue. For those struggling through themselves, this book offers deep perspective on  how to overcome thru Christ and not let Satan steal your joy in this hard place. Bengtson offers comprehensive chapters complete with homework assigmments, a prayer, and a customized playlist of hopeful songs. This book is a great resource for any relationship minded Christian to have on their bookshelf.

I received this book from Revell Books.

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