Friday, October 21, 2016

It's already time to start thinking Christmas..and I'm alreadygathering Holiday Books

I just have such a hard time coming to terms with how fast this year has just flew by- I can not believe it is already time to realistically be thinking about Christmas so as to not being running around at the last minute (like I usually do). I'm hoping to be a little more intentional this year and have a picture and purpose for what I want our holiday season to look like this year. And, of course, Christmas time isn't complete without books hand picked just for the season. I am giddy over one I just recently added to the "Christmas Books" collection- The Fir Tree

This is a story written by Fairy Tale Master, Hans Christian Andersen. I am so excited about adding this read to our holiday reading list as my boys have really been enjoying adding Fairy Tales into our reading repertoire more lately and I have been so impressed and impacted myself by the tales Andersen wove. The fantastical world of Fairy Tales is the perfect setting for children to encounter morals and meet adventure. It seems this will be a great story to bring my boy's attention to the life truth that life is to be savored and enjoyed now- don't always be wishing for the next best thing to come along or you will miss so much. Frankly, that is a truth we all, especially this Mama, needs reminding of.

What really makes this book a treasure though is the gorgeous design and illustrations by Finnish illustrator, Sanna Annukka. To start with, this book is decadently cloth bound with eye catching metallic detailing on the front and back cover.

The book only gets more beautiful and engaging as you crack it open and flip thorough the rest of the book.

I love the playful colors and geometric designs that Annukka used across the whole story. I am so excited to savor this beautiful book with my boys this holiday season and see this title being one I some day pass on to my grandchildren- it is a treasure.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program.

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